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Painting Company in Wheaton, IL

If you’re searching for a painting service in Wheaton then you’ve arrived at the right place.  Our company has years of experience painting homes and businesses in the western suburbs and we would be happy to assist you in giving your walls a face lift.  When it comes to painting companies, we do our best to go the extra mile and truly help you pick the right finish and color. We work with many paint manufacturers and can get you exactly what you’re looking for.  Don’t know exactly what you want? That’s okay too, we carry color pallets from many of the top manufacturers to get you in just the right color for every room.

We believe that professional painters don’t just tell you what they’re going to do, but they actually follow up with action.  We’ve built our business on the foundation that say what we do and we do what we say. Our viewpoint is that we have nothing to hide from our clients so we’d rather be overly transparent and honest, this also builds trust between us and our clients.  You’d be surprised at how many interior painting companies in the western burbs over-inflate numbers simply because they can. In our opinion this is short sightedness and we’d rather play the long game. We want you to be our clients today and in the future and we won’t jeopardize that by gaining a quick buck today.

So as a local painting company, why should you consider us versus our competitors?  Here are a few reasons:


Like many professional painters, we started out as young teenagers looking to make a few extra dollars, when it came time for college, we obviously needed extra cash for beer money so we also painted homes as a supplement.  Just like anything else, with years of experience you become really good at your trade and you become efficient. After several years of putting in long hours we decided to open our own business.

In our opinion, experience is the one thing you cannot replace as contractors.  Our ability to be really good local interior painters cannot be replaced and we take that experience with us to every job.

Trust and Dependability

If we don’t have trust in our business, how far will we go?  We’d venture to say, probably not far at all. If we don’t have trust in our business partners, we simply don’t do business with them and we would venture to say that you’re probably the same way.  Our viewpoint is do what we need to to earn your trust and then keep it.

If we tell you that we can do something for a certain price, we honor it.  If we tell you we can complete something within a certain time, we finish it.  It surprises us why so many interior painters burn their bridges by not keeping their promise, it’s bad business and we don’t operate that way.  Dependability is something that is severely lacking with local painting service so if we schedule an appointment for a free painting estimate, you can bet that we won’t leave you hanging.

We Care

You won’t find us doing our job haphazardly and carelessly just to “get it done”.  We care about your belongings and protecting them from unwanted paint stains. Our interior paint service doesn’t have a “cut corners” option, we lay down painters cloth to protect your floors from paint and from scuff marks made by ladders.  We also cover up couches, tables, chairs, light fixtures and anything else that would need to be protected from paint spatter. We’ll also protect corners, edges and borders from potential stains and damage. As local painters we care both about getting your job done quickly and well while still being considerate of your belongings.  We treat our exterior painting service in much the same way.


No one likes to work for next-to-nothing and neither do we, but that doesn’t mean that our interior painting prices come at a premium either.  We realize that competition among other painting companies in Wheaton is fierce, so you’ll find that we are very fairly priced and competitive to what the market is doing.  As your parents always cautioned you - you get what you pay for. We’ve heard it time and again from our clients that they were going to go with another painting company but decided not to because they were too flakey.  

If you’re ready to receive an estimate for painting service from us then reach out to us today!