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Drywall Taping and Mudding Service

As experts in hanging drywall, we can tell you that hanging drywall isn’t everything.  You can hang it quickly and well, but if you don’t do a good job when it comes to taping and mudding, your finished product will come out mediocre at best.  

Taping and mudding takes attention to detail and it takes time and patience.  If you don’t put time into this part of the process then the work you’ve done before this may not make a difference when you’re looking at the walls as the sunlight beams directly on them.  

Taping helps the joints stay together and fill some gaps between the two sheets of drywall and it also provides a starting point for a seamless joint.  The goal of this part of the process is to make it look as though one giant sheet of drywall were cut perfectly for that particular wall. We want it to look uniform and even and the drywall tape helps to bridge the gap (literally).

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Mudding is a joint compound that is applied directly on top of the tape and provides an even, smooth surface between the two sheets.  Applying joint compound is tedious and time consuming, usually requiring two to three applications with waiting periods between each application so that the mud can dry and harden.  After each application, the mud has to be sanded and cleaned off so the surface is as smooth as possible.

The space between the screw head and the flush of the drywall will also be filled with the mud, it will be smoothed out and sanded down in much the same way the mud between joints is done.  This process ensures that the drywall is prepped and ready to receive a coat of priming and paint.

If you’re in search of a local drywall company in Wheaton to do taping and mudding then give us a call for an estimate, we extend our services for both residential and commercial jobs.  We take pride in the quality work we do and we always aim to exceed our clients expectations on every project we take on. Call us today!