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Water Damaged Drywall Repair in Wheaton

Unwanted water in your home can quickly lead to destruction and damage throughout many parts of your home.  One area we deal with consistently is water damaged drywall from either pipes bursting or an uncontrollable amount of water entering your home.  As a local contractor in Wheaton that deals with water damaged drywall, we understand the terrible burden this can bring to your household.

During this time you’re looking for a drywall repair company that you can trust, will be honest and upfront with you, will do good work and sometimes most of all, offer fair pricing.  Our drywall repair service is exactly that. We know and understand that you have other contractors you can use and we know we aren’t the only player in town.

We believe that the more honest and transparent we can be with our clients, the stronger relationship we’ll develop and the longer we’ll keep them as a client.  We’re certainly not looking to undercut the market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer a high quality service at very reasonable prices. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last few years and that’s what we strive to do over the next few decades.

Which drywall repair services can we help you with?

Drywall repair is what we live and breathe on a daily basis and we can handle any obstacle you face.  Whether it’s gushing water from the ceiling that has caused the drywall to bubble and open up, to rain water filling up a couple feet high in your basement, we’ve seen the look of despair in our clients eyes (and heard it in their voices) so we’ll even do our very best to provide emergency drywall repair services when possible.

Ceiling water damage

It’s not fun when some of our clients purchase a home that’s been recently renovated and the spring rains cause an immediate collection of water in one of their bedrooms, bathrooms or living areas.  The signs are evident because the ceiling turns yellowish and the drywall has absorbed the water and is now bloated.

The origin of the leak will need to be found and sealed and the drywall will need replacing.  It doesn’t take much time for these areas to keep spreading so the earlier you can find the source of the problem, the better off you’ll be. Not every local drywall repair company will treat this as the emergency it is, but we’ll make every effort we can to get out there right away.

Basement drywall damaged due to water

Water entering a basement can be destructive for several reasons as we tend to store many personal belongings in a basement that cannot withstand getting soaked.  Not just that, but it would be extremely awful if a newly finished basement was to go underwater, furniture, carpeting, electronics, paintings, and flooring can get severely ruined and become useless.  Tearing up carpeting and walls just to replace them is extremely aggravating, costly and time consuming but the sad part is that accidents do happen.

Our company, based in Wheaton, has been repairing water damaged drywall for several years.  When it comes to drywall particularly in the basement, we would assess how high the water has damaged the drywall and cut it out of the wall.  More often than not we would have to go around the perimeter of the basement removing the drywall because chances are high that the entire area was affected.  We would check to make sure the insulation was not ruined and hang new drywall throughout. The process is quicker than you might think and can typically be done within a day or two.  

Your drywall doesn’t have to be damaged due to contact with water to need replacement, we get called out for many reasons and new drywall installation could be needed for a variety of reasons, including pets.

For a drywall repair company in Wheaton, give us a call and we’d be happy to show you how we can help.